I think I’m going off the deep end with the environment. More specifically with trash. I compost by freezing my scraps and then taking them to Union Square for the LES Ecology Center drop-off. I save plastic bags that I cannot avoid getting for that compost (bread bags, tortilla bags). I own reusable produce bags and of course reusable shopping bags. When plastic shopping bags happen, they are used for trashbags. I am really trying to reduce the amount of waste I produce. One thing that I just seemed not to be able to avoid is paper towels, specifically paper towels in public bathrooms. So much waste and no real alternative.

Sometimes you have air dryers. They are aren’t my favorite. They use energy to run and take so long to dry my hands. I always end up wiping my hands on my jeans (probably not the most sanitary thing, but eh). Dryers aren’t always there. That stack of paper towels stares at me. And I use them. And then I feel slightly guilty as I drop them in the garbage. What to do? I guess I could always just use my pants…

But then I was cleaning my juicer and I bought these Trader Joe’s reusable paper towel alternatives, and my brain made the connection! Reusable paper towels in my bag as I move through my day! They come in packs of two, so I can trade them off daily so I don’t end up molding in the plastic bag I keep it in (gross) and wash them when I do laundry.

I know this solution is not for everyone, and I got some interesting looks at Metropolitan Opera last week when I busted out this shocking blue towel in the bathroom. I laugh at myself and also feel pretty great not using the air dryers or the paper towels. And I’m becoming a little less trashy every day.

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2 thoughts on “Trashy

  1. Also, and I have not found any super convincing evidence of this but I believe it anyway, I think those hand dryers spew yucky stuff all over the bathroom. Plus the new ones sound like jet engines. No thank you. Pants it is.

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