The Idea That Changes Everything

Oh, the work in progress. The struggle, the self-doubt, the flow, the joy: all the myriad feelings that go into taking a seed of an idea and creating a garden of story. My current one is a novel that I’ve been at for nearly two years. I’ve drafted other novel length stories, but this oneContinue reading “The Idea That Changes Everything”

The Pen is Mightier

I’m reading a book on the history of sexual violence in conflict zones (light reading before law school, ya know). In reading more about historical gender relations (especially in the West) and thinking about how gender relations were (are) linked to property and ownership, I just cannot help but think that at some point inContinue reading “The Pen is Mightier”

Three Word Muse: lonely, cracking, bootstrap

She got up that morning to cracking knees and a sore back; seventy years of mornings leaves an audible story in your bones. The coffee was already brewing; her daughter had gotten her a new machine that you could set up the night before and wake up to that unmistakable and wonderful smell. She likedContinue reading “Three Word Muse: lonely, cracking, bootstrap”

Three Word Muse: peaches, earplugs, notebook

Sitting under that old, Southern peach tree, the fruit so ripe the sweetness was dripping down onto my head, my hair, my shoulders, my face, I started to dream. Sticky sweet and wrapped in that humid blanket called summer, the dreams just come. Awake or asleep, on days like these, they flow over you, dancingContinue reading “Three Word Muse: peaches, earplugs, notebook”

piddiddle, piddaddle

Crossposted at Insanemonade. Bringing in some of my creative writing into this blog Characters: LS – Little Sis BS – Big Sis Living room of a Brooklyn apartment. Like way out there Brooklyn. Like Bay Ridge or something. So you know, more space than normal. BS is folding laundry on the couch. She is listeningContinue reading “piddiddle, piddaddle”