Works In Progress

Welcome to my explorations and creative wanderings. Here you get an idea of what I’m working on and any news or updates for these projects. Everything here from title to description is a work in progress.

A stem of a plant is covered in five opalescent snail shells.

The Border Story

A novel-length story set along the Rio Grande.

Can you atone for your unforgivable sins?
What do you do when your whole life is based on a lie?
How do you keep going when your heart is gone?
What is justice?

A coffee mug that says "Attempted murder." Pictured below the words are two crows on a bench. A coffee stain runs from the top of the mug through one of the crows to the bottom.

The Purpose of a Rose is to Die

A short horror story.

What happens when your victims stop being Boomers and start being Millenials?*

*Everyone forgets Gen-X, including your friendly, neighborhood serial killer.

Graffiti on a water tower. The shape is vaguely human with a crest. The outline is black and filled with red.

The Cult of the Crown

A story that doesn’t know what it wants to be yet.

You know you should stop, you know this is bad for you, but you can’t give up. Not until you know.

Okay, but what have you published that I can read?

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