Last night I watched The Rachel Maddow Show when I got home from class. The last half discussed the assassinations of abortion doctors in the 90s. Each had had wanted posters posted about them before they were shot.

And then we saw today’s wanted posters direct from North Carolina.

I am … I want to say pissed but my dad hates when I used that word, and right now it does not encompass the rage and sadness and frustration and WHAT-IS-WRONG-WITH-PEOPLE!!! boiling inside me. I’m having conversations with extreme antis in my head (which is definitely not helping my midterm insomnia problem). I’ve gone through the typical arguments you think of when you somehow convince yourself that you can reason with these people. I’ve told Mr. and Mrs. Anti-Woman that they are not thinking about women, that no one should make life choices for other people, and that parenthood should in no way be used as a punishment. When I got to the part about back-alley abortions and the deaths of so many cherished lives, I had an epiphany. I realized they do not care. At all. They do not look at that ghostly picture of the woman who had died from an unsafe abortion and think “tragedy.” They probably see justice (and just writing that nauseates me). They do not care.

So to Mr. and Mrs. and Ms. Anti-Choice, for your information:

I care. I care for the woman who has this decision to make. I care for the woman who feels compelled to make it. I care for the woman who decided to adopt. I care for the woman who was ready to have and raise a child. I care for the woman sterilized without her permission. I care for the teenager with no adult to turn to, and the one with a supporting family. I care for the woman denied her rights because of circumstance. And for all of the other instances unnamed here, I care.

I am not alone, and we outnumber you. Our caring manifests itself in action, so if you think that you can repeat your terrorist acts of the 1990s, think again. We are ready; we are brave; and we are not backing down. Our families, our mothers, our sisters, our friends, our daughters, our selves are worth this fight.