Someone please draw this

Last night while watching MSNBC, one of the commentators was confused / angry that women had voted for Santorum. To this person, I would say: women don’t vote with their vaginas.

Remember when nearly all the pundits last cycle were saying that women would vote for Hillary because they are women and she also is a woman. Vagina-wearing Americans can’t help but vote for other vaginas.

Yesterday’s result is just more proof that this is just simply not true. Women vote the way they do for simple reasons, for complex reasons, and for reasons that may not make sense to other people.

But I think that we should just go with this whole “women vote with their vaginas” non-sense. Let’s redesign voting machines so that we can physically vote with them. I’ve perfected the squat that I imagine would be necessary to do this during my travels, and I would like more opportunities to bust it out. We could name these newfangled contraptions Votgina Booths. Perhaps the curtains to enter into them could also suggest ladybits!

I can’t draw for anything, so if anyone out there wants to sketch out a prototype, let’s see what you can come up with.

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writer, performer, misadventurist, catmom, the silly aunt, and lawyer. i'm not very good at being still.

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