Tyranny: I do not think it means what you think it means

Did you know that if laws or executive orders happen that you disagree with then that means the US is a tyranny? It’s true! At least according to my wall on Facebook. I have some thoughts on this, so come along with me on a rant that is a product of my over-educated, luckily traveled background!

To start with, I’m going to refer you to this post I wrote after Aurora, because this post isn’t about gun laws. You can comment there if that is what you want to talk about.

The US is not a tyranny. It is not anywhere near a tyranny. It is especially not anywhere near a tyranny for middle and upper class, white, straight, able-bodied, cisgendered, male citizens. When you say so, I just think that you are one of two things: 1. a coward for not wanting to use your (non-violent) power to challenge your government or 2. naive.

My opinion of you matters a very tiny hill of beans, I’m sure, but why are you calling your government tyrannical? Are they telling you that you may only have one child? Are they moving people into your area so that when voting on certain issues happens, your vote will ultimately not count? Are you afraid that when you call your government a tyranny on Facebook that you or your loved ones will disappear one night and those that care about you may never know what happened? Do you have no access to power?

I am not writing this post to say that US is perfect and that there are no concerning things our government does (enacting laws that primarily limit people of color’s right to vote comes to mind). I am saying that you have no idea what a tyranny is. Limiting certain weapons is not tyrannical. And to answer your next statement: if the US government decides to come after its citizens, why do you think you won’t also have access to the black market of weapons that you keep bemoaning won’t be stopped by legislation? And do you really expect one party is going to get so much power that it will get it in its mind to go after you?

I accept there are concerns and fears that I don’t share. I accept there are different opinions out there that I disagree with. That miasma is one of the many things I love about this nation, even when I personally find it frustrating. Your concerns and fears, however, are not the product of tyranny. You have power.

Vote. Call, write, and visit your elected officials. Fight special interests. Get money out of politics. Use the power of the people to change things. Demand that it be better. The very fact that you can do these things means that we do not live in a tyranny. You have options, and you have options short of violence. You can fight (whether you do or not) against a law you don’t like. This country is imperfect, but it is not a tyranny.

This message was written in honor of the Tibetans I was supremely lucky to spend time with and their struggle for self-determination. It was written to honor the people in Nepal pushing for their gov’t to be better, to represent them better. And to everyone else who struggles for a better government, both domestically and internationally.

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