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Coney Island before Coney Island


I love Coney Island. I love its commitment to its own ridiculousness. Today, I am here before it becomes Coney Island of the summer. Before the rides open and the people.invade the beach. It’s nice, and a much better time since I’ve brought two kids with me. There is this sense of anticipation and also abandonment. I’m so used to the crowds and noise and piles of trash that today feels like a ghost town.

Kids Know

I have learned that kids know when you are overworked and underslept, and those are the days when they will absolutely refuse a nap. I have also learned that they will fake sleep for a few minutes in order to trick you. Then they will look up at you with a face that says “I did it!” After which, you get to be the asshole that tries to will them into a real nap. You should really just give in at that point. It is NOT worth it. You may have more practice at stubbornness; they have more will.

That’s it for Today in Nannying. Tune in soon for more thoughts and lessons.

Park Slope is so parkslopey

While waiting to hear back from law schools, I have been nannying to make ends meet. This line of work recently has landed me in Park Slope. And Park Slope is sooooooo so very parkslopey. Kids everywhere! Everything is organic! Coop shifts everyday! And yes, the lesbians are still holding on.
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