Park Slope is so parkslopey

While waiting to hear back from law schools, I have been nannying to make ends meet. This line of work recently has landed me in Park Slope. And Park Slope is sooooooo so very parkslopey. Kids everywhere! Everything is organic! Coop shifts everyday! And yes, the lesbians are still holding on.

Here is a small anecdote: Last night while grabbing an organic veggie burger with organic, local wine and organic French fries (with organic ketchup and Sriacha), I hoped to start my Super Tuesday TV watching early. Although the ratio of adult to child swung overwhelmingly in my favor, the television showed the following things: Dexter’s Lab, Scooby Doo, and Powerpuff Girls. Now, I love all of those shows (and through nannying have also discovered a love for Phineas and Ferb), but really! 4 kids in the restaurant and we are watching cartoons rather than the news? Oh, Park Slope. You are so parkslopey.

Now, I know because it is not my neighborhood that I can’t see the fine grain like I can with Williamsburg (how many types of hipsters can you name?). But it is kind of comforting and shocking to be confronted with your stereotype of a place, live and in person. So! I salute you, Park Slope and your commitment to parkslopiness. May you stay true to your organic diapers and Ginger’s forever.

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writer, performer, misadventurist, catmom, the silly aunt, and lawyer. i'm not very good at being still.

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