i don’t deserve magic powers

If I were a magical person (by Harry Potter standards), I would use my powers to accomplish the mundane tasks in my life. I realized this while doing laundry today. Houses would be cleaned, rooms kept tidy, laundry done, etc., without me having to put my brain and my time to work. I could accomplish the more important things in my life: research, blog posts, twitter comments, hanging out with my cat, becoming fluent in Spanish, editing my documentary project, without household tasks being left undone.

So many things demand so much of my life, which is where magic powers come in. Since they haven’t been a part of my life, they are an add-on to my skill set. Or they are the robots taking care of my living needs (this is before the robots rise up and destroy us all – we’re all watching you, Roomba). I’m sure there would be the initial period where I use my powers to make my cat glow in the dark, and maybe after I got bored with my domestic care spells, I would explore larger uses of my magic for social good. At this moment though, magic powers are there to free me to use my real asset, my mind, for more satisfying things.

If I was a magical person from youth, though, I would definitely end up being like Hermione.

Published by creatingcarrie

writer, performer, misadventurist, catmom, the silly aunt, and lawyer. i'm not very good at being still.

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