Finish Line Laziness

Have you ever been doing something and you get to nearly the end of it and all of your energy and focus around the task just leaves you? I remember this happening to me when writing creative fiction in elementary school. I would get through about 75% of the story that was in my head, in incredible detail, only to give up the ending in my head for a quick fix, totally contrived ending because I was SO over writing that story. I guess taking a break and coming back wasn’t really an option for me then. (Later in school, the phrase deus ex machina would have special meaning for me) This laziness happens when I am rearranging my room. I get everything undone and then lose motivation to redo it. (Where is my machina, world?!)

This laziness amuses me, but the most amused I have been is when I make sushi. I present to you…. SUSHI BURRITOS!

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OOOOooooooo, sexy.

I make the rice, the veggies (no fish for me), lay out the nori, spread the rice out and layer the veggies. I roll it up and just at the moment when all I have to do is cut it into pieces…I just can’t be bothered. Now I’m from Texas and I have Mexican blood (though the Irish won’t let it show through), so I love burritos. To me, a lunch wrap is just a salad burrito. So, for sushi, once it hits burrito, I stop, dip and eat. Sushi burrito is the new deus ex machina.

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One thought on “Finish Line Laziness

  1. At least I don’t have to deal with the idea of that much raw fish sliding around in your mouth as you eat. >.< Don't get me wrong, I love sushi, even with fish, but I don't want to feal the slime. Gag!

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