Have you ever been doing something and you get to nearly the end of it and all of your energy and focus around the task just leaves you? I remember this happening to me when writing creative fiction in elementary school. I would get through about 75% of the story that was in my head, in incredible detail, only to give up the ending in my head for a quick fix, totally contrived ending because I was SO over writing that story. I guess taking a break and coming back wasn’t really an option for me then. (Later in school, the phrase deus ex machina would have special meaning for me) This laziness happens when I am rearranging my room. I get everything undone and then lose motivation to redo it. (Where is my machina, world?!)

This laziness amuses me, but the most amused I have been is when I make sushi. I present to you…. SUSHI BURRITOS!

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OOOOooooooo, sexy.

I make the rice, the veggies (no fish for me), lay out the nori, spread the rice out and layer the veggies. I roll it up and just at the moment when all I have to do is cut it into pieces…I just can’t be bothered. Now I’m from Texas and I have Mexican blood (though the Irish won’t let it show through), so I love burritos. To me, a lunch wrap is just a salad burrito. So, for sushi, once it hits burrito, I stop, dip and eat. Sushi burrito is the new deus ex machina.