The last New Year’s resolution I made was never to make another resolution. It’s been pretty easy to keep that one. I do tend to start new things on January 1, but that has more to do with the cleanness and easiness of starting on that date. For instance, today is 2 years sober for me.

I was thinking last night about resolutions and about how to reconfigure them to be positive, fun and silly. Something more akin to a dare than a weight-loss goal. In 2011, I am going to attempt to use the phrase “Cheese it, the fuzz!” in a conversation. It has to make at least a little bit of sense in the context.

It’s not a resolution, it’s a newsolution! Or something else. I’m not committed to the name. Leave your own ideas in the comments. Let’s dare each other a silly new year.

Published by creatingcarrie

writer, performer, misadventurist, catmom, the silly aunt, and lawyer. i'm not very good at being still.

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