I am currently in Beijing, China. This summer I am literally traveling around the world. Yesterday, I flew from NYC to Beijing. The car picked up me and a friend at 5:20AM and we arrived at our hostel in Beijing at 6:30PM. If you can do the math on how long we traveled, do tell. I do not have the brain for it, though I think it’s more than 24 hours.

The trip was relatively smooth. Some turbulence in the flight but not much. And the second plan was so massive, we probably could have flown through a hurricane and it would have felt like barely anything. (Editor’s Note: The author is given to hyperbole.)

We have not done much of anything. Just got settled and slept, but we are about to head out. I think today is Tienanmen Square and Forbidden City. It will be a good day, though I will miss TW, which means I will have to send a postcard.

For pictures of the trip, please check out aroundtheworldin90days.tumblr.com. I will be posting more journal-type entries here, though some cross-posting will happen.

Happy travels!