Legitimate Use of Violence

While Tumblring yesterday, I came across a lovely article detailing how a police officer, while trying to remove a rape survivor from her boyfriend’s home, decided to use his legitimate force in order to get her to cooperate. He punched her in the eye. She wouldn’t leave the apartment because she wanted a female officer present before doing so, and in the move to remove her, he threw a punch.

I used to be an actor, so when I read these stories, it is almost second nature to imagine what happened. Because my family tends to have different political views than I do, I also tend to take the time to imagine the scenario from several points of view. So I think about this whole thing and I can understand how the officers might act to remove her from the apartment and how that could potentially get rough and perhaps a punch could get thrown. Not okay that it happened, but I could see how it would.

But then we have the following observation from a nurse at the hospital:

“the officer was talking about it in a proud manner that he hit her.”

Well, I just wasted a whole bunch of time imagining those alternate scenarios. Really? Proud of hitting someone? This girl is saying that she has been raped, that she wants a female officer, that she wants help. The response is a punch in the eye. Classy. Though I doubt Internal Affairs will side against you, I hope karma does come back to bite you where the sun don’t shine.

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