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The Pen is Mightier

I’m reading a book on the history of sexual violence in conflict zones (light reading before law school, ya know). In reading more about historical gender relations (especially in the West) and thinking about how gender relations were (are) linked to property and ownership, I just cannot help but think that at some point in the past some man decided that if his penis touched something, he owned it.
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Take a read: Thinking About Jailing the Victim? Here’s Why Not.

My friend franklyrebekah has an awesome post up on sexual violence and the treatment of survivors and victims in the criminal justice system and society at large. Check it out!

Thinking About Jailing the Victim? Here’s Why Not..

Street Harassment

I tend to be a pleasant rider (most of the time, at least to denizens of the neighborhoods through which I ride). Every once in awhile I get catcalled or some other form of street harassment as I’m riding. Yesterday was one of those days. Continue reading “Street Harassment”

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