A Short Food Basis Review

This summer I signed up for a CSA at Bluestockings (called Foodstockings!), but it doesn’t start until June (right when I’m in Guatemala). Since I had a couple of weeks to wait, I decided to try out Food Basis. A good friend of mine had told me about them a few times. The goal is get good, traceable food from small to mid-sized farmers to the table at prices that are competitive with the grocery store.

I got a four week subscription (their word) of produce, fruit and eggs: 12 servings of produce for $19/week, 12 of fruit for $19/week and a dozen eggs each week for $3.50/week. There is a refundable deposit for two cooler bags for the eggs of $7 and the delivery fee for pick up at their office is $3.50/week. My total was $187, or $46.75/week.

The food is very good quality. I’ve made a vegetable casserole bake, fresh orange juice, orange rhubarb compote, kale and leek quiche and salad. The one thing I do not like about CSAs and other weekly food “subscriptions” is the amount of salad greens you get. This issue is totally a personal preference. I am just not a fan of salad. I should clarify. I’ll eat salad, but I really don’t want to make one. I don’t feel creative with in my cooking when I’m putting together some leaves and toppings and dressings. What I am excited about is that I’m adding fruit back in to my diet. I just don’t really think about fruit that much, but if it’s around, I will definitely eat it. Now I’m keeping it around.

Food Basis is definitely worth checking out and trying. It saves me time and allows me to broaden my diet and get creative in my cooking. Since my ingredients vary week to week, it’s like my own Iron Chef (Vegetarian) game. I can also know where my food comes from and that I’m supporting farmers. I am waiting for them to make it in to my neighborhood out in Brooklyn for deliveries, and I have some questions about their work to get this food to moderate income families, but I will give them a rating of: SUPPORT!


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