2012 Ate My Brain!

I got home yesterday and my roommate was watching the movie 2012. I was not going to get sucked in to this, but I had a cobbler to make and the tv is right by the kitchen (hello, NYC apartment). So we’re watching. I am a sucker for cheesy action flicks with hardcore nice (usually) guys risking their lives for other people and human beings banding together to defeat a foe. So yeah, Independence Day gets me.

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A Short Food Basis Review

This summer I signed up for a CSA at Bluestockings (called Foodstockings!), but it doesn’t start until June (right when I’m in Guatemala). Since I had a couple of weeks to wait, I decided to try out Food Basis. A good friend of mine had told me about them a few times. The goal is get good, traceable food from small to mid-sized farmers to the table at prices that are competitive with the grocery store. Continue reading