Egg Pancake

Now I'm hungry again.

So that looks like a frittata, but it is not. I don’t have time for the oven in the morning. Also, lately the weather has been cooler, but the summer heat keeps the oven in the off and locked position. I needed a quick recipe for mornings that satisfied the following criteria (in the order that I think of them):
1. Uses some of the eggs in the fridge (I have a ridiculous amount sometimes thanx to my CSA!)
2. Is delicious
3. Takes relatively little time
4. Has some sort of breadish carb so that I’m not hungry 30 minutes later (I know that the eggs should take care of that with their protein and all, but for me it doesn’t seem to work that way)

What I came up with was the Egg Pancake!

Okay, the name of it needs some serious work (if you have ideas, drop them in the comments). Basically, I put some olive oil in my egg pan and rub both sides of a tortilla in it (you can use corn or flour; flour makes more of an egg bowl rather than a pancake but it is equally as awesome and doesn’t really need a plate). Then I crack 2 eggs on top of it and add whatever other toppings I want (in the picture I have black beans). I add salt and generally nutritional yeast and mix it all up, breaking the yolks. Now I turn on the stove to about medium high. If you are using flour tortillas, you wait until you start to smell the tortilla burn. If corn, until the egg mixture on top starts to bubble and the bottom looks pretty solid. Use all of the spatula skills you have to flip it over smoothly and cook for about 30 seconds to a minute, depending on how much egg you have left to cook. Pop it on a plate and add whatever other toppings you want. Non-dairy sour cream and homemade salsa (thanx, Mom!) are my picks.

Grab a fork, and enjoy!

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