It’s been awhile. School and life got in the way of blogging. I suppose that’s okay. So what’s been going on…I completed the semester! I’ve gotten two of 3 grades back, and the longer I wait for the third the more I begin to doubt myself on my final project. My cat is finally better. She was hospitalized two days before my 30th birthday with fatty liver disease and nearly died. She got her feeding tube out on Monday after have 2 more scares. Sick cat plus finals did not equal an easy end of semester.

Her illness has made it more clear to me how hard it is for me to ask for help from (all but a few) people. I seem to believe not only that I have to do everything myself but that this is the way things should be. Going into next year, I am going to focus on being realistic about what help I need and work on asking those in my life for that help.

On a positive note, I was accepted to the Nepal IFP in my program! I will be spending next summer there (if you need a summer sublet in Brooklyn, please reach out to me) as well as traveling to India. I’m hoping to do research around women’s political empowerment or about the cultural-specific foundations of feminism. I’m really interested in this idea of how feminism is part of culture, including my own. One of the biggest questions I am asking myself leaving the semester is: how does a privileged culture recognize itself when it goes to work in another culture? Hopefully I will have time to muddle my way through some of this question and examine my own culturally-based feminism here.

To all who read, thank you. I hope you are ending your year positively and looking forward to the next one.