Getting Everything Done

Winter break in Texas. The weather (though rainy) is high-50s, low 60s (and sometimes in the 70s/80s) F. Next semester is going to be a challenging one, though hopefully only academically. While I sit here, I have a list (somewhat written but mostly in my head) of all the things I want to accomplish before heading back to New York, and it’s causing me to frantically relax! My brain is buzzing with what seems like a ridiculous amount of stuff to do, and when I work on one thing it thinks about the other things I could/should be doing.

I’m sitting here, working on things that I need to do for work and for class but also trying to shove in some relaxation. Figuring out how to read another (or a few) books. How to watch more T.V. How to just sit and do nothing. Shoving and relaxing do not mix well.

Anybody else have this issue? What do you do to calm yourself? I’m going to try repeating “It will all get done” just get myself to slow down a bit. I would like the rest of the break not to be full of stress! Leave your suggestions in the comments.

A New Semester

Today is the last weekday before school begins today. I’ve been working on campus for most of the summer, so I’m ready for a change. I’m ready to get started. This semester I’m taking a course on Women’s Rights and The International Legal Order as well as a Research Methods class (plus an audited Spanish class).

It looks to be a fascinating semester. Just a couple more days! As a button though to this summer, here’s a picture from Guatemala!

Lorenzo - our hiking guide - and San Pedro La Laguna below


I’ve been dealing with some slight insomnia lately. Mostly this means that I go to bed around 11PM but I’m lying awake until after 1AM. It wouldn’t be a problem, except that I get up at 7AM. Okay, my alarm goes off at 7AM. I get up by 8AM (Side note: I have a great alarm clock that lets me choose my snooze time – between 10 minutes and 1.5 hours. It’s definitely dangerous some days, but I love it). Continue reading

A Lesson of Consequences: A Child’s Story

Sixth grade in my school system is the first year of of Intermediate School. For me, it was the year I got my period, but that is not this story. My history class did a unit on the Holocaust. I had one of those special teachers you get every once in awhile who goes the extra mile to make the lessons special. Was it history? I think it maybe was an English class that lasted two class periods. Not that it matters. Continue reading