First Time with Fresh Pasta

Now, I should probably have looked up something about cooking fresh pasta. But who needs directions? Especially when you will eat anything (well, anything vegetarian). My meal was really good, but apparently you are still supposed to boil the pasta, even though it is fresh. I think my method is better, at least until I try the other method. Either way, the results speak for themselves:

Oh, that is some good pasta.

There are two parts to this meal: the shitakes with fresh pasta and roasted asparagus. Start with the asparagus. Wash and drain them, then do that super fun snapping to get them to correct size. Lay them out on a pan, drizzle olive oil over them, add salt and some garlic powder (waiting for local garlic to get here!). Put the asparagus in a 350 degree oven for 20-30 minutes, turning halfway through.

Yes, please!

Now for the pasta. Heat a lot of olive oil in a large pan. A lot. Don’t worry if you don’t put in enough; I just kept adding more as I went/felt/thought. Add two onions, chopped, and garlic powder. As the onions get translucent, add dried basil, dried thyme, and dried oregano. Once the onions are translucent and it smells awesome, add the shitakes, sliced. Cook until the mushrooms sweat it out a bit and then add the pasta. Stir and cook until it’s ready. Plate and enjoy!

this was gone so quickly...

So good. And all the fresh ingredients were from the farmer’s market. My next blog post needs to be about something other than food, I think. Or maybe not!

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