Protecting Women’s Health Globally

I just received an email from the International Women’s Health Coalition. Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY) and Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) have introduced legislation to permanently end the Global Gag Rule.

The Global Gag Rule was first put in place by President Ronald Regan. It stated that any international organization that received funding from the United States government could not provide, advise or even mention abortion. International health organizations had to make decisions between the women they served and the funding they used to serve those women!

The rule was left in place by the first President Bush, removed by President Clinton, reinstated by President Bush 2, and removed by President Obama. A woman’s health and life should not be left to the chance of an election.

The Global Democracy Promotion Act (HR 4879/ S 311) would end this ping-pong game. Call and write your senators and congresspeople and tell them to become co-sponsors of the legislation and then to become leaders on passing it. This opportunity is theirs to prove that women’s issues are their issues and to earn your vote in the next election cycle. I know for me, after the health care reform debacle, I need to see some commitment from my representatives.

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