2012 Ate My Brain!

I got home yesterday and my roommate was watching the movie 2012. I was not going to get sucked in to this, but I had a cobbler to make and the tv is right by the kitchen (hello, NYC apartment). So we’re watching. I am a sucker for cheesy action flicks with hardcore nice (usually) guys risking their lives for other people and human beings banding together to defeat a foe. So yeah, Independence Day gets me.


It’s not a good movie, but it’s worth a Netflix when you want something beige that will you can totally have half of your brain explaining what is wrong with this movie (sometimes this will turn in to an outburst such as the “I hate kids” quote from Roomie). The other half of you brain will fight the logic side just enough to keep you watching (perhaps semi-distractedly) until the end.

Also, my roommate and I are superdorks. When LA (or wherever they were in California) was being sucked into the center of the earth and the plane is taking off, both of us thought, “I wonder why the plane isn’t being sucked in.” Yes, we both contemplated the sucking power of an imploding city. For me, this is the redeeming factor of my inability to walk away from crappy movies.

The other movie I definitely cannot walk away from is Selena. Selena knows her dad loves her! She will sing him and me into tears. (‘Scuse me. I need to go add something to my Netflix account.)

So, people of the internet, what movie/type of movie do you get sucked into even though you want to walk away?

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