Getting Everything Done

Winter break in Texas. The weather (though rainy) is high-50s, low 60s (and sometimes in the 70s/80s) F. Next semester is going to be a challenging one, though hopefully only academically. While I sit here, I have a list (somewhat written but mostly in my head) of all the things I want to accomplish before heading back to New York, and it’s causing me to frantically relax! My brain is buzzing with what seems like a ridiculous amount of stuff to do, and when I work on one thing it thinks about the other things I could/should be doing.

I’m sitting here, working on things that I need to do for work and for class but also trying to shove in some relaxation. Figuring out how to read another (or a few) books. How to watch more T.V. How to just sit and do nothing. Shoving and relaxing do not mix well.

Anybody else have this issue? What do you do to calm yourself? I’m going to try repeating “It will all get done” just get myself to slow down a bit. I would like the rest of the break not to be full of stress! Leave your suggestions in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Getting Everything Done

  1. I’m really resonating with this post of yours, Dear Carrie!

    The quest for balance is front and center for me right now! Couple of things I’m trying to employ and will be happy to let you know their effectiveness:

    * expanding my mindset on timelines when it comes to balance – can’t do it all every week/day
    * cutting myself slack – no one can run at the crazy ass pace I was doing
    * writing daily lists, checking them off – i used to keep a blank notebook that i’d write my to-do lists in where i’d categorize things and check them off as i went. i’ve brought that book back, but now i’ve got new categories – immediate and slow burns. and i’m putting personal things on it. tv time is important!
    * giving myself permission to say no – you’ve already gotten a buttload better at this one! keep it up!
    * enjoying the boredom – i’m allowing myself to just sit on the subway or sit and do nothing at my temp gig when nothing is there – or see it as indulgence time!

    Don’t know if any of those seem helpful to you – hopefully!

    You can do it!

    1. I think one of the hardest things to do is to sit and do nothing. I just keep thinking about what I could be doing. But I’m trying to remember that taking care of myself is also important to me and to doing the things I care about. Thanx! This was definitely helpful.

  2. This is definitely something I struggle with on a daily basis! I try to focus on what the next right thing is, and remind myself to breathe out…. If there’s one thing persistently nagging at me to get done RIGHT NOW, I try to get it out of the way and give myself a loose framework for getting to everything else. If I were on a traveling vacation, I’d be shooting for two things a day, so when I’m pacing myself at home I stick to roughly the same guidelines….two tasks gently fit in around eating, sleeping, movies, TV, computer games, writing, reading, driving….

    1. a friend of mine is trying a thing where she does the thing she most doesn’t want to do first. for her, it’s making her days easier. maybe i should try that too. not ignoring the nagging this probably reduces stress…

      i have been good about sleeping enough this vacation. alarm clocks are currently banished!

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