Self Care Is Hard Work

Continuing the previous post and comments and conversations about self-care and managing it

I worry about burnout. I don’t worry about it a lot, but I can usually tell when I’m feeling it because that’s when the worry starts to creep in. It’s the preview before the full-on exhaustion. It’s the days/weeks/months of denial that I haven’t been putting myself first in my work. It, positively, usually ends in a vacation, in all senses of the word. Last time I went to Guatemala for two weeks. No technology at hand. Just air and sky and people and a really good friend at my side to laugh and share with. Feeling deeply that this is what life should be. Understanding that my own privilege allows me this escape. But that’s another conversation. Continue reading

Getting Everything Done

Winter break in Texas. The weather (though rainy) is high-50s, low 60s (and sometimes in the 70s/80s) F. Next semester is going to be a challenging one, though hopefully only academically. While I sit here, I have a list (somewhat written but mostly in my head) of all the things I want to accomplish before heading back to New York, and it’s causing me to frantically relax! My brain is buzzing with what seems like a ridiculous amount of stuff to do, and when I work on one thing it thinks about the other things I could/should be doing.

I’m sitting here, working on things that I need to do for work and for class but also trying to shove in some relaxation. Figuring out how to read another (or a few) books. How to watch more T.V. How to just sit and do nothing. Shoving and relaxing do not mix well.

Anybody else have this issue? What do you do to calm yourself? I’m going to try repeating “It will all get done” just get myself to slow down a bit. I would like the rest of the break not to be full of stress! Leave your suggestions in the comments.