Back in the Big City

After a little over a week in Texas, I am back in the Big Apple. It was a needed weekish away, but I was definitely ready to get back here. I love my family and wish I could see them more, but there are so many compromises I have to make when I’m there. SmallContinue reading “Back in the Big City”

piddiddle, piddaddle

Crossposted at Insanemonade. Bringing in some of my creative writing into this blog Characters: LS – Little Sis BS – Big Sis Living room of a Brooklyn apartment. Like way out there Brooklyn. Like Bay Ridge or something. So you know, more space than normal. BS is folding laundry on the couch. She is listeningContinue reading “piddiddle, piddaddle”

Self Care Is Hard Work

Continuing the previous post and comments and conversations about self-care and managing it I worry about burnout. I don’t worry about it a lot, but I can usually tell when I’m feeling it because that’s when the worry starts to creep in. It’s the preview before the full-on exhaustion. It’s the days/weeks/months of denial thatContinue reading “Self Care Is Hard Work”

family and war

my brother is looking down the barrel of a tour in Afghanistan. he has already been to Iraq, which is actually why he’s going to Afghanistan. he signed up for a few more years while in Iraq. the army accepted this from him. at the time, he would tell me that he couldn’t imagine comingContinue reading “family and war”